11 Best Miiko Sims 4 CC Picks

These Miiko Sims 4 CC are SUPER PRETTY they’re too good to miss!

Miiko’s custom content are characterized by pastel colors and a vintage vibe. Sometimes it’s kawaii. They’re mostly feminine, ladylike clothing CC, and hair CC although there are also other pretty things. It’s easy to get stunned in seconds when looking at those beautiful custom content.

If you’re a huge fan of Miiko, you should check out these impressive Sims 4 CC by Miiko in this catalog! Not all of them are here, of course. This post is just a quick list of some amazing Miiko’s CC.

Maybe you already downloaded some of them? Or maybe you haven’t? Do check out this list and if you’re interested in a certain item, just click the download button to learn more about that item.

Miiko Sims 4 CC

Preview image of the Vintage Tapestry Dress by Miiko.

1. Vintage Tapestry Dress CC

Miiko creates so many beautiful dress CC for The Sims 4!

So, if you’re looking for some gorgeous Sims 4 dress CC, do check out Miiko’s page.

This lovely dress CC comes in 20 swatches. So, get ready to pick your favorite color from the options!

Preview image of the Lucy Hair by Miiko.

2. Lucy Hair CC

This super cute feminine hair CC is available in two versions: one with loose bangs and one with tucked bangs. Both of them look trendy and youthful.

You can download the basic file which comes in 24 swatches. Then, you can also download the additional file which contains 15 extra swatches!

Preview image of the Strawberry Dress by Miiko.

3. Strawberry Dress

Yesss, please!!!!!! A perfect summer dress CC for feminine, ladylike sims.

This strawberry dress CC by Miiko is a recreation (sort of) of that viral strawberry dress.

Overall, it’s just so lovely and adorable 😭 It has puffy sleeves and strawberry patterns!

Preview image of the Rose Dress by Miiko.

4. Rose Dress CC

I think this dress is super pretty and aesthetic at the same time!

Imagine your female sim wearing this gorgeous dress with her long, wavy hair. How beautiful is that?!

Preview image of the Eva hair and flower crown set by Miiko.

5. Eva Set Hair and Flower Crown CC

This is so pretty and dreamy! I mean, look at the flower crown!

This Eva hair CC comes in 24 swatches. However, you can also download the additional file and get the 15 extra swatches!

Preview image of the Charlotte hair by Miiko.

6. Charlotte Hair CC

This mid-length hairstyle CC has tucked bangs that look simple. It’s a great option for when you want your female sim to wear a simple straight hair CC.

Of course, it’s base-game compatible. It comes in 24 maxis match swatches and you can also download the additional 15 swatches from separate file.

Preview image of the Suki hair by Miiko.

7. Suki Hair CC

Do you love pigtails hairstyle? If so, do check out this suki hair CC!

It looks gorgeous and perfect for a cottagecore vibe!

Preview image of the Eleanor by Miiko.

8. Eleanor Hair and Bow CC

The Eleanor hair CC and bow CC look so pretty!

The hair CC comes in 24 swatches and you can also get the 15 extra swatches from a separate file. The bow comes in 22 beautiful swatches and once you install it you can find it in the hats section.

Preview image of the Rosie hair by Miiko.

9. Rosie Hair CC

This lovely hair CC is perfect for a modern, ladylike female sim.

It can look so pretty especially when you combine it with a flowy, summer dress with puffy sleeves!

Preview image of the Lindi hair by Miiko.

10. Lindi Hair

This simple hair CC looks calm, gentle, and truly gorgeous!!

It’s subtly wavy and pinned back. Somehow it looks like a combination of pretty and elegant!

Preview image of the blushing peach makeup set by Miiko.

11. Blushing Peach Makeup Set CC

Does your female sim need a new makeup kit? If so, check out this beautiful makeup CC pack!

It consists of lipstick (with various shades) and three different kinds of eyeshadows (in various shades). So there are 4 items in total in 4 different files, and you can download each of them separately.

Final Thoughts: Miiko Sims 4 CC

So, what do you think about those custom contents above? Aren’t they all pretty?

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