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35+ Best Sims 4 Clothing Packs Made by CC Creators

Looking for the best Sims 4 clothing packs that you can add to your game? You’re not alone.

While you get great stuff every time there’s a pack release, it’s honestly not enough to truly customize your game (in my humble opinion). But fear not, CC creators have our back and I’ve poured through all of my favorite pages to find the BEST clothing packs you can download for FREE.

Whether you want something that’s perfect for the whole family or you want to really glam up your night, I’ve got a free Sims 4 clothing pack download on my list for you.

Which will you wear next?

Best Sims 4 Clothing Packs

Preview image for The Gossip Collection by Greenllamas.

1. Editor’s Pick: The Gossip Collection by Greenllamas

I watched Gossip Girl when it originally came out (way back in 2007), so I jumped on this CC clothing pack when it came out. If you’re looking for chic, fashionable and classic styles to add to your sim’s game, I’d highly recommend this set by GreenLlamas.

This collection features 15 items for men and women, including:

  • 2 female hairs
  • 2 masculine tops
  • 3 female tops
  • 2 masculine bottoms
  • 1 feminine bottom
  • 3 masculine accessories
  • 2 feminine shoes

Full disclosure: these outfit items were inspired by the Gossip Girl Reboot, not the OG one. However, to be fair, I think a lot of these outfits would be straight from the original if that was the fashion at the time. These are the PERFECT items for preppy sims.

Preview image for Sogue Winter Collection by Greenllamas x Imvikai custom clothing pack.

2. Sogue Winter Collection by Greenllamas x Imvikai

Unless you have the Snowy Escape EP (and honestly, even if you do) there never seem to be enough fall and winter outfits in my humble opinion. At least, not ones I actually WANT to dress my sims in.

This base game compatible set features a ton of great custom pieces that your sims will absolutely love. All of the hair in this set features the full 18 EA swatches and the clothing is all set up with custom palettes.

It’s an amazing set that features a ton of cute cold weather clothing. Whether your sim is heading to the winter festival or cuddling up on the couch for a movie, it’s an awesome little set.

Preview image for the custom clothing set Heatwave Beachwear Collection by Nucrests & Simkoos.

3. Heatwave Beachwear Collection by Nucrests & Simkoos

Heatwave is a summer-themed Sims 4 clothing pack is PERFECT for those that like to play in Sulani (guilty!). It’s an amazing custom beachwear set that’s made by a collaboration of two amazing custom creators: Nucrests and Simkoos.

This set features:

  • 2 versions of board shorts
  • 2 speedos
  • 1 shirt and pants set
  • 1 skirt and shirt set
  • 1 bouy shirt and shorts set
  • 2 hats

All of these items feature 18 to 38 swatches that combine a mixture of solids, beachy patterns and neon colors. If you want to have some fun-in-the-sun, this is the perfect set for you.

Preview image for the Fall Outfits Collection by BoschianaCC.

4. Fall Outfits Collection by Boschiana CC

The Fall Outfits Collection features 10 base game compatible items that are great for the fall and winter seasons (assuming you play with the Seasons EP). Essentially, you get a full body outfit, top and bottom all built for feminine frames.

Each item features 27 different swatches that are a combination of full colors and patterns. I love that this set features something that’s cozy, a glamorous dress and even a work-appropriate outfit.

Preview image for The Scream Collection by GreenLlamas.

5. The Scream Collection by Greenllamas

Loosely inspired by the movie Scream, The Scream Collection is a funky, final girl-esque that’s perfect for your college-aged sim. This clothing collection has a TON of amazing items in it, including (but not limited to):

  • Jeans
  • A funky leather-esque jacket
  • Hairs
  • Skirt
  • Shirts

If you love these pop culture theme-style packs, GreenLlamas makes some STELLAR options (several of which I’ve obviously included on this list). This particular clothing pack comes in a modified version of their normal palette, likely because of the theme.

Preview image for Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. by Ice Cream for Breakfast.

6. Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. by Ice Cream for Breakfast

I’ve never attended a tea party in my life, but I have regular dreams about the super cute clothing and this set is PERFECT for an in-game gathering of the ladies. In Florals, you get:

  • Three gorgeous dresses (technically two with one that has two versions)
  • Earrings
  • A fancy hat

My favorite part of this set isn’t the clothing styles (though the dresses are super cute), it’s the floral patterns – honestly, I’m really turning into an old(ish) lady.

Preview image for the custom clothing pack Summer Flow by Joliebean x Simstrouble.

7. Summer Flow by Joliebean x Simstrouble

If you want a retro, summer-themed clothing pack, Summer Flow is for you. Made to be fresh and breezy, this custom content pack features 16 brand new items, including:

  • 3 hairstyles that feature different accessories
  • 2 sets of earrings
  • Shorts
  • Knit top

Each of these items feature between 10 and 30 swatches, and all are base game compatible. If you’re playing in a different time period OR you simply want to throw a retro summer party, this is a great set for you.

Preview image for custom clothing pack, Date Night Collection by Ice Cream for Breakfast.

8. Date Night Collection by Ice Cream for Breakfast

Another throwback custom stuff pack that’s PERFECT for Valentine’s Day is the Date Night Collection. This set is 1950s themed and is aimed to make your sims REALLY stand out for its VDay date. You get several pieces, including:

  • 3 dresses
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • 2 earrings sets
  • Hair
  • Masculine frame outfit

If you’re ready to head to the drive-in (no, sadly we don’t have drive-in theaters in the sims) or bowling night, this is the IDEAL pack to download. Your dates can wear super cutesy matching outfits.

Preview image for The Essence Collection by Sentate. This particular picture features the top, along with the mini and midi dress versions.

9. The Essence Collection by Sentate

The Essence Collection is a great custom set of daily essentials that are perfect for the everyday sim. Designed by Sentate, it features a versatile collection of cotton rib separates that can be mixd and matched, and work in pretty much ANY scenario.

When you download this set you get 17 stylish items, each of which features 25 swatches along with 15 print choices. Plus each item has a mini or midi version that can be paired with bottoms if you want a full-on coordinated look.

Preview image for The Slasher Collection by Greenllamas. It features two female sims running from what I assume is a scary situation.

10. The Slasher Collection by Greenllamas

For the ULTIMATE final girl-style clothing, The Slasher Collection is for you. This clothing pack takes The Scream Collection to the next level, inspired by all the iconic final girls in slasher movies (both the classics and modern-day hits).

When you download this set you get 10 new items to mix and match, and it includes 2 hairs, 2 tops (one of which has a pattern version), 2 bottoms (one of which also as a pattern version) and 2 eyeliner choices. The swatch numbers vary based on the specific items, and each one is tagged for a feminine frame.

Preview image for Thrift Shop Set by Simstrouble clothing pack.

11. Thrift Shop Set by Simstrouble

The Thrift Shop Set is a mash up between trendy florals and a dated look and feel. Overall, it’s made in a fun, bold 70s style, but I feel like there’s a tad bit of a modern edge to it. It’s a small but powerful set that features:

  • 2 hairstyles – both unisex with 24 swatches each
  • Venus blouse
  • Nina skirt
  • Robby trousers
  • Ray blouse

I particularly like the black floral pattern we see on the skirt, but there are plenty of other color choices, both solid and patterns, to choose from.

Preview image for the  Cottage Fashion by Sheabuttyr x Serenity custom clothing pack.

12. Cottage Fashion by Sheabuttyr x Serenity

I love a good cottagecore-style content pack, and the Cottage Fashion collab between Sheabuttyr and Serenity perfectly encapsulates everything I love about it. This set features fun pastels with some unique items that are perfect for almost every occasion, you get:

  • 7 hairs (a few with cute accessories)
  • 10 clothing items, including that adorable pink floral dress

The airs are hat compatible and feature all 24 Maxis Match swatches, and the clothing items come with varying swatch and palette options depeding on the specific piece.

Preview image for Rumours by Ice Cream for Breakfast custom clothing pack.

13. Rumours by Ice Cream for Breakfast

Another set heavily inspired by the 1970s, the Rumours Collection features a few new summer perfect pieces. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the blue Joan jumpsuit-overall set, but you also get:

  • 2 dresses
  • 1 top
  • 4 hair picks
  • 1 jewelry set
  • 1 hat

I love the patterns and look of feel in this set. It’s the perfect addition to your recent-history gameplay.

Preview image for The Vacanza Collection by Serenity custom clothing set for the Sims 4.

14. The Vacanza Collection by Serenity

If your sims are looking for a few pieces of gorgeous vacationwear then the Vacanza Collection is for you.

This holiday focused custom clothing pack features 16 items that are focused on feminine swimwear. We’re talking bikinis, one-piece suits, cute cover ups, gorgeous sandals and even a fun hat or two. This is a great alternative if you don’t want to by the swimwear kit that was dropped last year.

All of these pieces are base game compatible and work on sims aged teen to elder.

Preview image for Sunkissed by Caio.

15. Sunkissed by Caio

Lovin’ the swimsuit theme, I thought I’d share Sunkissed by Caio.

This summer collection has 23 items that your sims can wear and use at the beach. All of these items are base game compatible and include super cute clothing pieces like swimsuits and accessories. For swatch choices you get 25 colors from Caio’s default clothing pattern along with 10 different print styles.

It’s all fun in the sun with this beachy-themed cc pack.

Preview image for the Glitter Collection by Imvikai x GreenLlamas.

16. Glitter Collection by Imvikai x GreenLlamas

The Glitter Collection has a Barbie-esque look and feel and it’s full of fun, cute glitter!

With this girly set you get hairs, clothing, shoes and accessories, honestly everything you’ll need to make an outfit that truly sparkles. All of the clothing items use a 29 swatch palette that’s created specifically for this glitter pack, along with having a few fun patterns to pick from.

It has a bit of a throwback feel and is PERFECT for your next party!

Preview image for Slay Belles - A Custom Content Set by Ice-CreamForBreakfast and Joliebean.

17. Slay Belles A Custom Content Set by Ice-CreamForBreakfast and Joliebean

It’s time for the holiday party and you need the best set out there, and Slay Belles is it. When you download this Christmas set, you get:

  • 1 pants and top combination
  • 3 dresses
  • 1 jumpsuit
  • 1 pair of boots
  • 3 pairs of earrings

Each item features between 26 and 55 swatches, except the earrings where you get 3 simple swatches. I love the bold, sparkle and holiday theme with this set – call your friends and have a party!

Preview image for Aurora Set by Serenity.

18. Aurora Set by Serenity

If you want a set that’s fun for the whole family, the Aurora Set is for you. It’s not a particularly big set, but it does feature something for everyone. You get two child outfits, and two outfits that are made from teens to elders, all of which have a pretty neutral but still interesting color palette.

Preview image for Champagne by Caio.

19. Champagne by Caio

For those who LOVE a gorgeous, formal dress set, Champagne is for you.

Base game compatible and built for teens to elders, this gorgeous set features 3 dress styles – two short, one gull-length, all of which come in some GORGEOUS swatch choices. Not only do you get the dresses though, you get new shoes and a necklace.

Whether you’re looking for a dress to wear to the Starlight Accolades or you need a wedding dress, this pack has something for you.

Preview image for The Nostalgia Pack by Dogsill.

20. The Nostalgia Pack by Dogsill

A trendy clothing set, The Nostalgia Pack features a TON of great contemporary pieces. When you download this set you get:

  • 4 hairs (1 of which includes an ombre detail)
  • 2 pants
  • 2 tops
  • 1 dress

This set is really more casual focused that’s ideal for date night or hanging out with friends.

Preview image for the Sienna Collection by Arethabee.

21. Sienna Collection by Arethabee

A cute small set that gives you 8 new base game compatible items is the Sienna Collection. It’s an ideal set for your teen or college-aged sim. This set comes with hairs, clothing items and even an accessory (the tied shirt which you can find under the bracelets section).

Preview image for SxC Love Myself The Collection by Serenity x Caio.

22. SxC Love Myself The Collection by Serenity x Caio

Another set perfect for at home, the Love Myself Collection is ADORABLE. Not only are these pieces sexy, but they’re built to be comfortable, ideal for when your sim is at home relaxing. Created for sims that are aged teen and up, they’re all base game compatible and you get 12 solid color swatches plus a few cute combinations.

Preview image for After Summer Set by DaisyPixels.

23. After Summer Set by DaisyPixels

Not perfectly Maxis Match (like, at all) the After Summer Set is still a super cute download that features a small treasure trove of adorable outfit pieces. When you download this set you get:

  • Naomi Dress
  • Ember Dress
  • Felicity Top
  • Felicity Skirt

All items come with 20 to 30 swatches, depending on the item. They’re all brand new meshes, and they’re all hella cute!

Preview image for the Nuts Set clothing pack by Saurus.

24. Nuts Set by Saurus

A little more alpha than most of these items on our list, the Nuts Set is SUPER CUTE!

This is the perfect cozy clothing set for chilly autumn nights and features 6 items total (with 4 brand new meshes). The solid swatches that you get are from Saurus’ Equinox palette, and the skirts come in lovely tartans. Overall you get colors, mixes and patterns that you’ll love.

Perfect for teens or college-aged kids, it’s a cozy choice.

Preview image for Vintage Dreams PJ set by Madlen.

25. Vintage Dreams by Madlen

A historical throw-back clothing pack Vintage Dreams by Madlen features a gorgeous timeless nightgown that’s perfect as casual bedtime wear or something a little sweeter in a spooky house. You get this PJ set for adults, children and toddlers!

Preview image for Villains Part 2 clothing set by Ice Cream for Breakfast.

26. Villains Part 2 by Ice Cream for Breakfast

If you’ve dreamed of dressing up like your favorite villain, then this custom clothing pack is must-have. This is part two of Ice Cream for Breakfast’s villain set, though it’s truly my favorite pick of the two. This set features full outfits for three famous villans:

  • Cruella: dress, hair and hat
  • Ursula: dress, earrings, gloves
  • Yzma: Dress, bejewelled turban, feathers

They’re all gorgeously wicked and PERFECT for the evil sim in your neighborhood.

Preview image for Hazelnut Set by Serenity.

27. Hazelnut Set by Serenity

The Hazelnut set is must-have for any cowgirl sims you’ve got in your household. It’s a gorgeous set that features sophisticated looks that are truly built for glamorous country girls. These items are available for teens to elders, and they’re all base game compatible (so you don’t need Horse Ranch to use them!).

Preview image for Polaris Set by Madlen.

28. Polaris Set by Madlen

If you want something gorgeous and made for winter, then you NEED the Polaris Set. Wrap yourself in this lush, soft jacket and truly embrace your love of luxury. It’s a fur coat with a matching hat in some truly gorgeously rich colors.

Preview image for Tilly and Pua set by DaisyPixels.

30. Tilly and Pua by DaisyPixels

This tiny little toddler set features two new meshes. The Tilly and Pua set features a brand new top and dress, each with 20 swatches. They’re both base game compatible and super adorable. Not the biggest set, but perfect for kids!

Preview image for The Glitch Collection by Sentate x Arethabee.

31. The Glitch Collection by Sentate x Arethabee

Calling all Matrix fans, The Glitch Collection (Arethabee) is perfect for anyone looking for a future-focused clothing pack. This set is a collaboration between Sentate and Arethabee, two stellar custom creators for the game.

This set features a collection of effortlessly cool leather and glossy PVC looking items that are werable for ALL sims. The entire collection is available across a 25 swatch color palette. To get your hands on the FULL set, you’ll need to head to both their profiles (get Sentate’s here). All items are base game compatible.

Preview image for The Hearbeat Collection by Serenity x Caio.

32. The Hearbeat Collection by Serenity x Caio

For something a tad bit sexier, The Heartbeat Collection has EVERYTHING you need. This collaboration between two amazing creators – Serenity and Caio – features 12 base game compatible items that are perfect for your after dark look.

This set was inspired by coquette and balletcore aesthetics, and features delicate lace and soft satin fabrics. It’s fit for sims aged teen to elder. In particular, I happen to love the lace accent set that features two cute silk bows.

Preview image for Toddler PJ Set by WildlyMinaturesSandwhich

33. Toddler PJ Set by WildlyMinaturesSandwhich

Who doesn’t want some cute PJs?

This toddler PJ set features stand-alone recolors (the PJ tops and bottoms) and a new slipper mesh. Each item comes with over 50 new swatches, both graphic designs and solid colors.

It’s a totally cute, easy-to-use set.

Preview image for Wild and Cute costume pack by Madlen.

34. Wild and Cute by Madlen

While not the most practical pick, nor the biggest pack, I LOVE the Wild and Cute infant clothing pack. These cute little cozy costumes are perfect for your sim infants, especially when it’s chilly or straight-up cold. You get a skunk, shark and bunny – which are all ADORABLE.

Preview image for the Summer Set clothing pack for Toddlers by Caio

35. Summer Set for Toddlers by Caio

Clearly I’m thinking warm-weather clothes because this Summer Set for Toddlers really called to me. It features 4 items made for feminine toddlers (though they’re NOT gender-restricted), and includes a dress, romper and a hat!

Each of the clothing items feature 21 swatches, and the hat gives you 7 swatches to choose from. These are original meshes and “frankenmeshes”, and are all HQ compatible.

Preview image for Childrenswear Addons clothing pack by Ice Cream for Breakfast.

36. Childrenswear Addons by Ice Cream for Breakfast

Honestly, stuff for kids (ie. clothing and hair) is kind of lacking in-game unless you have packs, which is why I love this Childrenswear Addons pack.

These are add-ons for adult sets by Ice Cream for Breakfast, so the items are a bit random but they’re REALLY good. With this download you get:

  • Angus Kilt Suit: Formalwear that’s perfect for a Scottish wedding.
  • Ellie Jumper (and trim): A cozy jumper with a bow detail, and an optional overlay for extra customisation
  • Ada Dress: A formal dress that’s perfect for flowerpals or even just for imaginary tea parties
  • Finn Kilt Socks: Socks to go with the Angus Kilt Suit, because bare legs and a kilt are a bit of a crime
  • Colm Jumper: A warm unisex jumper with a funnel neck. Perfect for colder weather

These are all really cute, impeccably made and perfect to add to your own game.

Final Thoughts: Sims 4 CC Clothing Packs

These Sims 4 clothing packs are a TINY fraction of what’s actually out there.

I left out SO MANY simply because they were similar to the rest on the list (seriously, Greenllamas has enough themed packs that you could fill up your whole folder), though I’m sure there’s something on this list you can start with.

My personal favorite is the Gossip Girl Collection, thanks nostalgia, but I also LOVE the Slay Christmas pack and the Champagne glam girl dresses. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a creator out there that makes pretty much exactly that.

So download your next pack and try not to spend too much time looking for more!

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