21+ Sims 4 Skin CC (Skin Overlay + Skin Details)

Do you want to give your sim a new skin tone, skin details, or skin overlay?

You came to the right place!

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of Sims 4 skin overlay as well as Sims 4 skin details CC so you can add more variety to your game!

It lets you customize the skin tones or skin details to help you make your sim more unique!

Best Sims 4 Skin CC

Preview image for Mae Skin Overlay by Miiko.

1. Editor’s Pick: Mae Skin Overlay by Miiko

Mae Skin Overlay by Miiko is a cool Sims 4 CC skin that you can add to your Sim’s skin to give it a smoother and more beautiful appearance.

The overlay comes in two intensities, which can be applied to the full body, body only, or face only, and it works with all skin colors.

Miiko, the creator, also provides some customization options like opacity and creasing. In my opinion, it’s a great way to enhance your Sims’ appearance and make them stand out even more!

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Preview image for Serena Skin Overlay by Miiko.

2. Serena Skin Overlay by Miiko

Serena Sims 4 Skin Overlay is an absolutely stunning TS4 skin CC that adds subtle yet beautiful shadows and lines to your Sims’ skin.

It’s easy to use, versatile, and comes in six swatches, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Plus, the fact that it’s compatible with WickedWhims and other skin options is just fantastic.

I highly recommend this skin overlay to anyone who wants to give their Sims a unique, beautiful look!

Preview image for Sophie Skin Overlay by Miiko.

3. Sophie Skin Overlay by Miiko

The Sophie Skin Overlay by Miiko is just stunning!

It creates a gorgeous toned look and really emphasizes their facial features like their jawline and chin. The skin looks airbrushed and smooth like the sim is ready for a magazine cover shoot!

And the best part? You can also download a body blush to go along with the skin overlay, which adds even more depth and detail to your sim’s body.

It’s amazing how much of a difference these little details can make in your game.

Pair them with some highly detailed custom hair and put together an AMAZINGLY custom sim.

Preview image for Enemy Skin Overlay by Miiko.

4. Enemy Skin Overlay by Miiko

Miiko has released another gorgeous skin overlay called Enemy, which is sure to add some interesting features to your Sims!

This overlay includes various facial features, body shadows, and highlights, giving your Sims a unique look.

The pronounced clavicle bones add to the realism of the skin. The overlay is compatible with all skin colors and has options for full or soft opacity, as well as body-only or face-only swatches.

It also comes in two different versions with different face details. The skin overlay can be easily combined with any of Miiko’s other skins, and you can choose between one or both files.

Additionally, a body preset is included to match the skin. So, get ready to experiment and have fun exploring the different swatches available.


5. Sweets Skin Overlay by MSQSims

If you want your female sims to have radiant and flawless skin, you should definitely check out the Sweets Skin Overlay by MSQSIMS.

It’s available for all female sims from teens to elders and comes in four different swatch strengths to suit your preference.

The skin overlay gives a beautiful glow to your sim’s complexion and is compatible with all skin tones.

Plus, it’s HQ mod compatible and has a custom thumbnail for easy selection in CAS.

Preview image for Kira Skin Overlay with Freckles by MSQSims.

6. Kira Skin Overlay with Freckles by MSQSims

Are you a fan of freckles? If so, you’re going to love the Kira Skin Overlay by MSQSIMS.

In my opinion, the freckles on this overlay are just the perfect touch to make your female sims look cute and youthful.

The four swatches available ensure that this overlay can be used on any skin tone, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting with your sim’s complexion.

Preview image for Lory Skin Overlay by MSQSims.

7. Lory Skin Overlay by MSQSims

This skin overlay is gorgeous.

It’s suitable for teens to elders, and comes in 4 different strengths.

This is base game compatible, and works for all players (pending your on a PC).

Preview image for Honey Skin Overlay by MSQSims

8. Honey Skin Overlay by MSQSims

If you’re looking to add a touch of radiance to your Sims’ skin, the Honey Skin Overlay by MSQSIMS is a great choice.

It gives your Sims a dewy glow that looks especially stunning on darker skin tones.

As someone who loves playing around with Sims’ appearances, I think this overlay is a great way to add a subtle yet noticeable enhancement to your Sims’ looks.

And with four different strength options, you can adjust the level of glow to suit your preferences.

I highly recommend giving the Honey Skin Overlay a try if you want to add a bit of natural-looking radiance to your Sims’ complexions.

Preview image for Christina Skin Overlay by MSQSims.

9. Christina Skin Overlay by MSQSims

This skin overlay offers 4 beautiful swatches that range from light to dark, making it suitable for a variety of skin tones.

The attention to detail is remarkable, and it is specifically designed for female sims from teen to elder.

Preview image for Peanut Skin Overlay by MSQSims.

10. Peanut Skin Overlay by MSQSims

This overlay comes in 8 stunning swatches, with 4 featuring adorable freckles and 4 without.

Plus, there are 4 different strengths to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect match for your Sims.

And that’s not all, the body also features small light moles, adding a unique touch to your Sims’ overall look.

Preview image for Ellis Toddler Skin Overlay by MSQSims.

11. Ellis Toddler Skin Overlay by MSQSims

Check out this amazing toddler skin overlay that’s available in four different strengths, perfect for both girls and boys.

You’ll find it conveniently located in the Skin Detail category, and it’s compatible with both Base Game and HQ Mod.

Preview image for Jenny Skin Overlay for Toddler by MSQSims.

12. Jenny Skin Overlay for Toddler by MSQSims

Have you checked out this toddler skin overlay CC?

It’s an absolute game-changer, especially for those looking for a high-quality mixed-race skin overlay.

You’ll find it in the Skin Detail category and it’s compatible with both Base Game and HQ Mod. Don’t miss out on this fantastic addition to your sim family!

Preview image for Face Overlay NB01 by MSQSims.

13. Face Overlay NB01 by MSQSims

You can select between Light and Medium or Asia Light and Asia Medium, which is great for adding some variety to your game!

Plus, it’s perfect for all ages, from toddler to elder, and is suitable for both male and female Sims. You can find it easily in the Skin Detail category and it’s also compatible with the HQ Mod.

Preview image for Gretchen Skin for Male by MSQSims.

14. Gretchen Skin for Male by MSQSims

If you’re looking to add a little more wisdom to your masculine sims, then this Gretchen download is for you.

It features 4 strengths with 2 different eyelid styles, and works with the base game.

Not only do sims need to be masculine but the need to be an adult or elder.

Preview image for Serenity Skin by MSQSims

15. Serenity Skin by MSQSims

It makes your Sims’ skin look more realistic by adding imperfections like stretch marks, freckles, and acne.

The overlay comes in four different variations that can be used with any skin tone.

It is designed for female Sims only, from teenage to elder age. You can find it in the “Skin Detail” category of your game’s custom content.

This CC is compatible with both the base game and the HQ Mod.

Preview image for Edith Skin by MSQSims.

16. Edith Skin by MSQSims

When you want to make your elder sim looks more natural and realistic, check out this skin CC!

Preview image for Salome Skin Overlay by ThisIsThem.

17. Salome Skin Overlay by ThisIsThem

A super realistic skin overlay for The Sims 4!

It comes in two versions: one with eyebrows and one without. Each version has 20 different swatches to choose from, giving you plenty of options to find the perfect look for your Sims.

This CC can be used for teenage Sims and older, and can be found in the “Skin Details” category in your game’s custom content section.

Preview image for Henry Skin Overlay by ThisIsThem

18. Henry Skin Overlay by ThisIsThem

If you want your sim to have a nice athletic back and other handsome features, this realistic Sims 4 skin overlay is worth checking out!

It’s a CC pack actually. So, besides the skin overlay itself, you can also download the contact lens and body preset CC.

Preview image for Happy Lines Skin CC by emmibouquet

19. Happy Lines Skin CC by emmibouquet

This Happy Lines skin cc is perfect for anyone who wants to add just a tiny bit more.

It’s base game compatible, there are 4 face combos and it’s built for young adults to elders. 

Preview image for Flora Vitiligo Skin Details by MSQSims

20. Flora Vitiligo Skin Details by MSQSims

With full body coverage in two different versions, this overlay offers 15 skin colors for each version, making it a versatile and inclusive option for all your Sims.

It is compatible with all genders and ages, so everyone can enjoy the stunning, realistic vitiligo effect it provides.

You can easily find it in the Skin Detail category, and it’s compatible with both the base game and HQ mod.

Adding this unique and beautiful skin overlay to your Sims’ looks will give them an extra layer of individuality and character.

So don’t hesitate to try it out and elevate your Sims’ appearances to the next level!

Preview image for Rhea Skin Set by Miiko.

21. Rhea Skin Set by Miiko

The Rhea Skin set is perfect for anyone that wants a bit of a younger look.

This is a hand-painted skin overlay, and is perfect for all ages.

There are 4 different opacity, and it’s easy to combine the different overlays to make something totally custom (and cute!).

Preview image for Infant Skin Details by Miiko.

22. Infant Skin Details by Miiko

If you want some gorgeous details to add to your infants, then this is the download you need.

Whether you want freckles, birthmarks, or something else more custom, then this is a cute little pack.

Make your sims as custom as you want!

Preview image for Skin N28 by obscurus-sims.

23. Skin N28 by obscurus-sims

If you’re looking for something gorgeous, I HIGHLY recommend the N28 skin download. It features:

  • Skin
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes – good for all ages and genders

Everything else is for teens and older.

Preview image for Cartoon Style Genetics Set Part II by Norther Siberian Winds

24. Cartoon Style Genetics Set Part II by Norther Siberian Winds

This skin details set features 4 different sets, which is perfect for a variety of looks.

You get 2 full bodies and 2 face masks, and all features a nice soft rose look.

Preview image for Adeline Skinblend Set by PoyoPoyo.

25. Adeline Skinblend Set by PoyoPoyo

The Adeline skinblend set is perfect for those that want something a little bit different. This set comes with:

  • 2 skinblend versions
  • Eye contacts (or pick from these custom picks)
  • Eyebrows

Overall this set helps soften up your sims overall look, and provide a softer appeal.

Final Thoughts: Sims 4 Skin CC

I hope you found something interesting to try in your next gameplay!

Remember, just like using any CC, consider your sims’ overall personality and style before changing their appearance using a Sims 4 skin CC.

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